Danilo Surdi



current location


When did you join DLA Piper? 

I joined DLA Piper as a trainee in 2007. 

What is your current role? 

I am now a partner in the Corporate group. 

Is there anything you would like to highlight about your experiences at DLA Piper? 

DLA Piper has offered me exceptional chances to thrive as a person and as a lawyer. The firm has given me the opportunity to showcase my skills and my personality and to develop my technical competence, and my skills in leadership and teamwork. 

I have faced many challenges and difficulties during my career journey, but I never felt anxious.

At DLA Piper, everyone listens attentively, and new ideas and perspectives are valued.

If I had to share some suggestions to anyone starting a career at DLA Piper they would be: be bold and collaborative, reach out to others to seek support and make the most of all the opportunities to become exceptional. 

Building strong relationships with your peers, colleagues and clients is crucial to your career success. Train and develop your business development skills now. Put yourself in the clients’ shoes and strive to deliver work that you would be impressed by.