Solicitor (Corporate)

Tom Borland



current location


Why did you choose to work at DLA Piper?

I was attracted to the opportunity of being part of a team that is building on its domestic presence by growing broad-based, sustainable relationships with global clients. The chance to work with and learn from lawyers and other advisers who have deep knowledge of their clients’ businesses and the sectors in which they operate is something that still excites me every day.

I was also attracted by how the firm recognises the personal and career growth that comes from living and working in a new city and experiencing a new culture. DLA Piper’s New Deal gives me and my colleagues more international experiences, including secondment opportunities, and more control over our careers from a wellbeing and career growth perspective.  

Do you have any advice for students aspiring to pursue a career in law?

Working in law can be both challenging and rewarding. From my experiences so far at DLA Piper, I’d give three pieces of advice for starting a legal career: 

1.  Be yourself. One of the best things about working at DLA Piper has been how we are encouraged to be our authentic selves and trusted as valued teammates from day one at the firm.

2.  Build mentoring relationships. Find mentors and role models who can invest time in developing you as a person and a lawyer. Mentors do not need to be in your workplace or even in the law necessarily.

3.  Stay involved in your life outside of work and your hobbies. In my experience, having a balanced calendar will help you be more productive and happier at work.

What has surprised you most about DLA Piper?

Through its agile approach called WorkSmart, DLA Piper prioritises flexible working and understands the benefits that flow from providing its people with the tools needed to easily work in new and different ways every day. On entering the legal industry during the backend of the pandemic lockdowns in Melbourne, it was unclear to me regarding what to expect in terms of the balance between working from the office and at home.

While there is still nothing that beats the fun and collegiate vibe in the office, the encouragement and support DLA Piper provides to allow myself and others to work without traditional limitations, such as where and when certain tasks are performed, has been a positive surprise.