Solicitor (Litigation & Regulatory)

Riley Arthur



current location


Why did you choose to work at DLA Piper?

I was initially drawn to DLA Piper as a prospective clerk for its global presence, high-profile client base and well-established reputation. I had a positive clerkship experience – I was warmly welcomed into the Brisbane office and exposed to some exciting client work. I chose to return to DLA Piper as a graduate because of the support networks, development opportunities and unique, varied work. I feel fortunate to have had this experience at the start of my career. I feel that I am able to be myself at work and can work on projects which align with my values and interests. 

Is there anything you would like to highlight about your experiences at DLA Piper?

The major thing I would highlight about the graduate programme is that if you’re keen to be involved, opportunities are everywhere. If you’re open to new opportunities, colleagues are equally open to give them to you, and to coach you through as much as possible. My experience is that DLA Piper is full of wonderful people, and I have worked under great mentors throughout the graduate programme who value my career development just as much as I do. 

What pro bono activities have you been involved in?

I was fortunate to complete my first six-month rotation in the Pro Bono team. This meant I was involved in work in all of our focus areas, being climate justice and conservation, support for forcibly displaced persons, and promotion of good governance and shared value. 

A few key matters which shaped my Pro Bono rotation and which I have continued to support on since moving into my other rotations, include: 

1.  Supporting vulnerable persons to apply for their birth registration, including through court orders;

2.  Assisting various Pacific Islands governments with their submissions to the International Court of Justice in it’s upcoming Advisory Opinion on the Obligations of States in Respect of Climate Change;

3.  A part-time secondment to Refugee Legal; and

4.  Assisting the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees with various research projects.

I cannot recommend enough making the most of the pro bono opportunities available to you at DLA Piper. Pro bono matters are perfect opportunities to step out of your comfort zone and stretch your capabilities.