Graduate (Corporate)

Joanne Wang



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Why did you choose to work at DLA Piper?

Joining DLA Piper was an easy choice for me, due to the firm’s culture and international prominence. 

I joined DLA Piper as a paralegal, then completed a clerkship, and now I am a graduate. The firm’s mentoring culture really stands out – it's not just about structured programs like Women in Law or our development coaches within the practice groups, informal mentoring happens every day. Melbourne's rich coffee culture certainly helps! We also have our Wednesday breakfasts which are a great way to start the day and connect with colleagues. 

DLA Piper’s global presence offers opportunities to work on international projects, spanning both transactional and litigious work. This allows me to connect with colleagues and clients globally, leveraging my cross-cultural competence. Being part of DLA Piper enables me to truly grow and contribute. 

What sustainability-related work have you been involved in?

Recently, I helped the venture arm of a MNC client with the completion of its investment in a financing round of a tech startup focusing on sustainability.

Having previously worked as a consultant in the social sector promoting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, it is particularly exciting for me to help clients integrate sustainable practices. This is a great example of how DLA Piper supports sustainability in all forms. 

Do you have any advice for students aspiring to pursue a career in law?

Remember to stay curious and enjoy the journey. 

Navigating through clerkship and graduate recruitment processes can be tough, but each challenge is a chance to grow and connect with people. Take joy in building relationships with your peers – I refer to my law school friends as my ‘Sisters in Law’! These connections not only provide support but often evolve into lasting professional relationships. Don’t hesitate to reach out to experienced professionals. Approach them with real interest and you’ll find that many are willing to share insights that can guide you in making the transition from university into the workplace. 

Enjoy and embrace every part of the journey – not just as a future lawyer but as a person enriched by diverse experiences and perspectives.