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About this programme

A first-of-its-kind opportunity for UAE Nationals to experience life at the heart of a global law firm. Work in one of our world-leading Dubai practice groups for 12 months. 

Furas Internship

Explore the intersection between law and business. Find out how an international law firm makes an impact in the UAE and across the world. Develop the foundation of skills you need for a global legal career. You will do all this and more during your 12-month internship in our Dubai office. 

This isn't just a chance to shadow our lawyers. You will play an active role in our teams and take on responsibility from day one. You will attend court hearings, work with clients and develop your professional network. Experience the cutting edge of the legal sector and discover how law can unlock potential across the world and in your own career. See how our purpose-led organisation makes a difference beyond our day-to-day work through programmes like our pro bono work and sustainability commitments.

The Internship is your chance to see if law is a career you can thrive in. You will also develop your personal and professional skillset through experiences that will be valued in any sector you choose to continue into. We will offer a select number of candidates a permanent role when they finish their internship. You will choose your preferred practice groups when you apply and we will try to assign you to one of them for the programme.

During the internship, you will: 

  • Work on a variety of interesting challenges across different sectors. 
  • Join a diverse and friendly team while collaborating with colleagues across the world. 
  • Have opportunities to engage with initiatives beyond your role, including technology, sustainability and pro bono work. 
  • Develop essential business skills through our extensive learning programmes and supportive culture. 
  • Get support from a network of supervisors, buddies and mentors to develop confidence and identify your own personal and professional goals. 
  • Be part of an international Early Careers community full of talented colleagues who will become part of your global network. 
  • Enjoy a working environment where your wellbeing is always a priority and your workload will be managed to ensure you can always deliver your best. 

What are we looking for?

You don't need any formal legal experience or education for this programme. We look for people with the skills that will enable success at DLA Piper and in a legal career. They include:

  • A motivation to work in the legal industry and start your career with us.
  • Taking pride in every aspect of your work, where no detail is too small.
  • Connecting with others to create long-lasting relationships.
  • Adapting your approach depending on the situation and in the face of any setbacks. 

Are you eligible?

You will need to be a strong English speaker, reader and writer as our work is typically in both English and Arabic, depending upon the area of focus. Also: 

  1. You will be a UAE National holding a Family Book.
  2. You will be completing your Bachelor’s or Master’s law degree in your final year of study, or a recent graduate or career changer.
  3. Only one application can be made per year. 

Key dates

  • Application deadline: 10 May 2024
  • Programme start date: June 2024
  • Duration: 12 months
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At DLA Piper, we are committed to making reasonable adjustments and removing disability-related barriers. This is so everyone, irrespective of a visible or non-visible disability, neurodivergence, a long-term health condition or injury, has an equitable opportunity to succeed in our recruitment process.

If you think you may need adjustments or additional support to enable you to participate in our recruitment process, please get in touch with our Early Careers team and we will be happy to support you.

We understand that sharing your needs with us may feel daunting. We will have an open discussion with you about what will work best for you in the recruitment process, and you only need to share what you feel comfortable with. Our team will ensure that the information you provide will be treated confidentially. The information will only be shared with others involved in the process, on your approval, and where necessary.

We will use the information you share to put adjustments in place for you at any stage, or at multiple stages, of the recruitment process. This is to enable you to perform to the best of your ability, and to have an equitable opportunity to perform and thrive.

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Recruitment roadmap

Application form

Fill in our application form to give us some key information about you. We will also ask you about your reasons for applying to DLA Piper. And we will ask you to submit a CV.

Online assessment

We use a Watson Glaser assessment to test your critical thinking. The online assessment is untimed and you can complete it at your own pace. But you have to complete your assessment within five working days of receiving the link.

There are various practice Watson Glaser assessments online. We recommend you spend some time practising to get used to the types of questions you may be asked. We’ll also send you a link with a further practice assessment. We recommend completing this before you do the final assessment.


The strengths-based interviews will assess your motivations for and alignment to the role you’ve applied for. They’re focused on the behaviours that are important for success at DLA Piper. The interview is also your chance to demonstrate your strengths and help us get to know you better. 

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Frequently asked questions

Do you accept Furas Internship applications from non-law students?

The Furas Internship is aimed at law students. You can apply for the programme if you’re in your final year of study and graduating in 2024. You are also eligible to apply if you’re a graduate or looking for a career change.

What are your minimum academic requirements?

We don't have minimum academic requirements for the undergraduate degree.

Do you accept mitigating circumstances for academic results?

If you have any mitigating circumstances that you would like to be taken into consideration with your application, please contact us to discuss further.

Do I need any prior work experience to apply for the Furas Internship?

No, you don’t need any prior work experience. 

Can I apply for the Furas Internship if I’ve already completed my degree?

Yes, we accept applications from people who’ve already completed their degree.

Will there be any longer-term job opportunities following the Furas Internship?

At the end of the Internship, we will assess your performance and will help you to explore longer term career opportunities at the firm.